The Dog in the Manger - Short Moral Story for Children

Once upon a time in a small village, lived a farmer who owned few cows and a dog. The farmer was a very kind man. Every day, he worked very hard to collect grass for his cows. He would arrange the collected grass as a manger for his cow to feed. 

The dog never liked the cows. He was jealous that the farmer was spending all his time for the cows. He thought about a plan to chase away the cows. Every day, after the farmer left the dog would climb up the manger and sleep there.

When the cows came there for food, the dog started barking at them and never allowed them to eat. This continued for many days. The cows became very weak and the farmer too realised something is wrong in his farm.

One day after arranging the grass, the farmer hid himself behind the fence to watch what was happening. He saw the dog chasing away the cows. Immediately, the farmer took a big stick and started beating the dog. 

The poor dog was crying with pain because of his evil thoughts.



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