The Donkey and The Wolf - Moral Story for Kids

Once upon a time, in a jungle there lived a wolf. One day, the wolf did not get any food from morning. He was very hungry and was searching for food.

Suddenly, the wolf noticed a wild donkey at the edge of that forest. He was very happy and thought about a plan to hunt that donkey. He crept up noiselessly behind the donkey. The donkey too noticed the wolf and was scared.

The donkey knew it cannot escape from the wolf, so he remained calm and was thinking about some way to escape from the wolf. Just then a good plan flashed in his mind.

The donkey pretended to be a lame and was crying with pain. The wolf went up to the donkey and asked, "What is the problem? Why are you crying?". "I have got a thorn in my foot and I can't get it out" replied the donkey.

"Well I can help you come out of your misery, I will eat you now, so that you will not be alive to suffer this pain", said the cunning wolf. The donkey, who already knew this would happen, immediately said, "Dear friend, I am happy that you want to help me, but if you eat me with that thorn, it can get stuck in your throat and cause a great pain"

"if you remove that big thorn and then eat me, then you will not have any problem", added the donkey. The wolf, who didn't know about donkey's plan thought this was a good idea. He immediately, bent down near the donkey's legs to remove the thorn.

The donkey who was waiting for that opportunity, gathered all his strength and gave a big kick on the wolf's face. The wolf fell down with a loud thud and he couldn't stand up on his own. The donkey immediately ran away from that place and escaped.


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