God helps those who help themselves - Moral Story

Once upon a time, in a small village a farmer was riding his cart with vegetables to the market in the nearest town. Since, it had rained heavily, the previous day, the roads were muddy and the potholes were filled. It was very difficult for the horses to pull the load through that wet mud.

Suddenly, the wheels of the cart sank in to the wet mud. The horses couldn't pull the cart anymore. The farmer stepped down from his cart and search all around. He could not fine anyone to help him.

The farmer started to feel dejected. He was cursing his bad luck. Looking up at the sky, he started shouting at the God. He was crying and whining for the whole day, without making any efforts to lift those wheels from the mud.

After a very long wait, God finally appeared before the farmer. He asked, "Do you think anyone can move the wheels of your cart by simply looking at it and crying over the bad luck? Nobody will help you unless you put some efforts to help yourself."

He added, "Now get up. Put your shoulders to the wheels and soon you will find the way out". The farmer realised his mistakes. He put his shoulders to the wheel and now the horses were able to pull the wheels out from the mire.

The farmer learnt his lesson. He apologised to God and continued his journey. 

MORAL : God helps those who help themselves